The H & M Landing - 2803 Emerson Street San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 222-1144

We have a full boat and lots of anticipation building. I’ve been asked several questions about what we can and cannot bring as well as galley questions. I’ll try my best to answer them here.

1). Q: Can I bring a cooler?
A: You cannot have a cooler on the boat. The galley has all you need to eat and drink. Plus we need to conserve space so that is why coolers are not permitted on board.
Note: However, if you plan on packing your fish to take home, you’ll need to keep a cooler on land for your fish fillets when you get back. There is ice available at the H & M Landing site.

2).  Q: What does the Galley have specifically
A: They offer a complete breakfast and lunch menu at affordable prices, over night charter prices include Breakfast & Lunch. Complete steak dinners are available. Soda Fountain, Bottled water and juices, Beer, Snacks, Fruits, etc ….

3). Q: what can i bring
A: I suggest you fit anything you need in a backpack or small duffel bag. Items should include:

  • Towel, small and bath
  • Clothes appropriate for a cool evening on the boat and warm temps in the day time.
  • Non slip closed toed shoes. There will be hooks and other large objects being tossed around.
  • There are two hot showers if needed, what ever you require
  • sunscreen high protection value, sun reflecting off ocean is wicked for those not used to the sun.
  • motion sickness patch, pill, wristband, whatever your flavor if you require. Remember to start taking the pills 12/24 hours before we go out and keep taking every prescribed time until trip is over.
  • You are allowed to bring a rod and reel if you so desire. Please note you are responsible for it, including rat nesting the reel. We are looking for bigger fish, so line test should be 40+ lb test.

    Red Sail Inn - 2614 Shelter Island Dr San Diego, CA 92106-3182 (619) 223-3030

  • If have some best fishing places baseball caps for sale at $5.00 a hat if you forget yours.
  • remember to bring cash for the crew tip, fillet of fish (5$ a fish), extra gas surcharge, galley tab you accrue. You should be safe with $100 cash


4). Q: Rod, Reel, License and Bait
A:  A rod, reel and License is provided with your reserved spot for the tournament. The Bait will be provided by the crew of the Sea Adventure II.

5). Q: When and where is check-In?
A: Check-In will be at the H & M Landing at 7pm on Friday 8/5/11. Please check in with us so we know you are present.

6). Q: Are there any plans to get together before the trip?
A: Depending upon our departure around 9:00-9:45pm on Friday night, we may swing over to the Red Sail Inn

7). Q: Parking for Tournament:
A: There is parking at the Landing, but it is pay parking and usually very full. There is also parking around the area, but make sure you pay the parking meter or attending for the area, they will tow. Several of us will carpool. The Restaurant and Docks are within 3 blocks walking which i intend to do.

8). Q: Fish Fillet, pack and shipping needs
A: Fish fillet is done on the boat at $5 a fish (cash)
A: Fish flash frozen, vacuum seal and shipping services will be made available by Sportmen’s Seafood. Either Saturday night or Sunday morning

9). Q: Tournament prizes and judging?
A: The SeaAdventure II crew will tag, bag weigh our fish on board. I will have a sheet that will record all of the weight per angler. There is a $150 prize for the biggest fish brought on Board.

10). If you have any additional questions you can call/text Mark at (623)628-9939. or email.



The Sea Adventure II offers a modern galley that seats up to 24 people at a time. Luxuries include: 2 flat panel satellite TV's, Ice Maker, soda fountain and fresh water maker. The boat sleeps 42 passengers in an air conditioned bunk room. Two heads with hot showers.

Sea Adventure II

70’ X 20’
Sleeps 40

Chuck Taft

With a lifetime of fishing experience, from the Southern California Coast to the exotic waters of Baja, Captain Chuck Taft carries on the proud tradition of the Taft Family. Captain Chuck Taft is the previous owner of the Sea Adventure & the Sea Adventure 80 and now owns the Sea Adventure II which was newly acquired in 2009.

Sea Adventure II offers you a knowledgeable staff with quality service. The friendly and experienced crew has a desire to make your fishing experience a memorable and fun filled trip to

remember. Her modern galley seats up to 24 and offers the creature comforts of home including two 32” flat panel TV’s with Satellite Television and Sat Phone, Ice Maker and Soda Fountain. The boat sleeps 40 passengers in an air conditioned bunk room. There are two heads with hot showers. She is a U.S.C.G inspected vessel equipped with all of the most up to date safety equipment and electronics. For exciting fishing adventures from San Diego to Baja, book your next charter or open party trip onboard the Sea Adventure II.

• Full Service Galley seating for 24
• Satellite Direct Tv/Two Flat Panel TV’S
• Satellite Phone
• Soda Fountain & Ice Maker
• Air Conditioned bunk room
• Fresh Water Maker
• Two 4 Ton Refrigerated Fish Holds (RSW & Blast Freeze)
• 200 Scoops Bait Tank & Slammer Capacity
• Full Color Scanning Sonar/Latest Electronics
• Experienced & Professional Crew
• Overnight Charters include breakfast & lunch

*Galley Service *
All fishing trips are provided with a full galley service. We offer a complete breakfast and lunch menu at affordable prices, over night charter prices include Breakfast & Lunch. Complete steak dinners are available. For multi-day trips, special galley arrangements will be made.

* Ice Chests & Alcoholic Beverages *
Carrying aboard of any size ice chest or alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited and will be enforced.