Well, we are under the two week mark for the tournament.
All Participants should meet at the Landing Docks at 7pm.


H and M Landing

2803 Emerson Street
San Diego, CA 92106


H and M Landing Map


Arrive on Friday 8/5/11 at 7pm. Check in to get your tag number and  T-shirt.
Our boat is the Sea Adventure II.
We will not board the boat until 9pm or so.
It is possible we may head over to the Red Sail Inn while we wait for the boat to be made ready.
Daily Fish Count from H and M Landing


Pack your clothes in a duffel bag or backpack instead of hard luggage.
Short rubber boots if you have them. If not bring an extra pair of sneakers. Make sure you keep your feet dry.
One change of clothes for each day of your trip. Bring extra socks. It feels great to get your feet in a fresh pair of socks after a day of fishing.
Hat: Baseball cap or straw hat.
We recommend a sunscreen rated at 30 SPF at least. A higher SPF rating is better.
Remember, you will be on deck fishing for a long time and you’ll burn even if it is cloudy day. Sunscreen has an expiration date so always use fresh sunscreen, it’s worth the added cost.

A bath towel and personal toiletries if you would like to take a hot shower onboard.
A coat or sweatshirt. Even in the summer it can get cold on the water so bring something warm with you.

Identification Requirements

You do not need a passport for any of our trips. Although we fish in Mexican waters, since we do not get off the boat in any Mexican port a passport is not required.
A valid picture I.D. is required by the U.S. Coast Guard. Be sure to bring your driver’s license, school I.D. or other such documents. The document you carry must not be expired

ROD, REEL and Fishing License Information

Your Rod and Reel Rental and Fishing License is included. Gear will be on board already. * Trolling Gear if wanted/needed is extra

Once On Board

Best I can tell you will get a tag number based on when  you show up. That will be the number your Catch is assigned to. It’s your responsibility to keep track of your fish so they get weighed properly.
I will have a sheet that will track the weights of your Fish for the prize of largest Tuna. $150 dollars to the winner.

We will learn more once the captain loads up and the start going over the boat procedures. Safety, etiquette, fishing rules etc …

I will have more to come as we get closer.