Last Year our deep sea fishing tournament was held in San Diego and hosted by Sea Adventure Sport Fishing and the Jigstrike.

They have purchased another boat and are refurbishing it for the fishing season approaching.

Here is more information about it

We are proud to announce the purchase of a 30 passenger sport fishing boat that we will be refurbishing this winter and ready to book for the upcoming season. Sea Adventure II. Watch for updates, and postings of refurbishing. UPDATE… 12/4/09 The Sea Adventure II (70 feet) has been in the shipyard for approximately a month with a full time crew refurbishing the boat from the hull on up. All upgrades on the boat are USCG approved standards for a boat built new in 2009, we have installed a new deck completely around the boat, tore out the old bait tanks and built new aluminum tanks, added a large slammer, new beautiful mahogany rails, new paint, beautiful new tables in the galley will compliment the new soda fountain, ice machine and satellite television.